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Twenty Minutes Nap is a speculative project dealing with the biological and  economical importance of sleep.
    Inspired by Beatriz Colomina’s essay 24/7 (available here), the project materialises a collection of objects coming from a near future scenario, where the society will acknowledge and integrate sleep in working contracts and everyday routines.


Nowadays, the concept of labor permeates all aspects of human activity. Human and machine, work and play, rest and action, private and public, day and night converge.
    Since scientific studies demonstrate that in the actual attention–deficit–disorder society we work better in short bursts punctuated by rest. As a consequence, labor-wise, the fluidity between work and leisure will be more and more studied and applied. Many companies already provide sleeping pods in the office to maximize productivity.
How everyday objects will embody this development?Twenty Minutes Nap focuses on everyday things representing the shading of these traditional distinctions, such as the personal computer, the coffee mug, and the bag.
    Taking inspiration from the sleep related culture as developed in Europe to reshape them, a heavy colonial past emerges.

Mahogany FSC wood, natural sponge, virgin wool, biobased resin, stoneware.

︎︎︎    Due to the economic importance of sleep, the system will reorganize the consumption of coffee productivity-wise. Caffeine effects manifest themselves between fifteen and twenty minutes, the exact nap time required per day. Therefore, the mug, a well accepted object at work representing both a break and a productivity booster, will change, allowing workers to start sleep instantly after a coffee, maximizing time and space.

Design & Research