20 minutes nap

Mahogany FSC wood, natural sponge, wool, stoneware.
Nowadays, the concept of labor permeates all aspects of human activity. Human and machine, work and play, rest and action, private and public, day and night converge.
As a consequence, the fluidity between work and leisure will be more and more studied and applied. Many companies already provide sleeping pods in the office to maximize productivity.
How everyday objects could embody this development? Twenty Minutes Nap draws a series of fictional things commonly associated both with the office and the home, such as the personal computer and the coffee mug.
While diving into the Western sleep culture, a heavy colonial past emerged.
↓    Due to the economic importance of sleep, the culture of drinking caffeine drinks will change. Caffeine effects manifest in 20 minutes, the exact nap time required per day to enhance productivity. The mug, a well-accepted object at work representing both a break and a productivity booster, will be accompanied by a head holder, allowing workers to start sleep instantly after a coffee and maximizing time and space. The sponge works as a pillow and as a cleaning tool for the mug.

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