Product Design & Material Research
Conversing with Matter
Material research into the extraction of clay

Design Academy Eindhoven
Gijs Bakker Award nominee  
Local river clay, clay WB0402 (DE)
Quenched Asbestos Material research into the extraction of clay  Design Academy EindhovenGijs Bakker Award nominee   2020–2021
Ciona are doing well!
Iluustrated book about Ciona instestinalis

For Pedagogies of the Sea & Ocean Archive
In collaboration with Eleonora Toniolo
Mentoring by Angela Rui and Anastasia Kubrak
Design Academy Eindhoven
UV print on cardboard

Quenched Asbestos
Insulating 3D elements made of treated asbestos and local clay

Design Academy Eindhoven
Gijs Bakker Award nominee
Treated asbestos, River Meuse clay
Bespoke office chair

3D Wasp (IT)
3D printed recycled PLA
ISIA Faenza
BA Graduation Project
Dismantable sidetable

For Ars Vivendi (DE)
Peter Behrens School of Art
Powder coated steel, FSC oak wood
Sleep Anarchaeology
Speculative Sleep Things

Mentoring by Henriette Waal, Jesse Howard
Design Academy Eindhoven
Mahogany FSC wood, natural sponge, virgin wool, pine resin, glazed stoneware
Nesting Bricks
Architectural modules for situated interspecies coexistence

For Landpark Assisïe (NL)
Material research developed with Carla Alcalà Badias
Mentoring by Maartje Droos, Erik Klarenbeek, and Basse Stittgen
Soil, agricultural waste, seashells, eggshells, eggwhite, vegetal fibers, horse hair.

Woven Sleep
Weaving Insomnia

Speculative project mentored by Henriette Waal, Jesse Howard, and Jon Stam
Design Academy Eindhoven
Virgin wool and FSC pine wood

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