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The book Ciona Are Doing Well focuses on Ciona intestinalis, a little-known organism, unconsidered and unrepresented in culture.
    It tells the life of Ciona while showing the resilient features that makes them such a special animal.
    Through a down to earth and playful tone, it aims to familiarize the readers with this alien-looking being, that is genetically closer to humans than expected.



“The galloping defaunation of the oceans, the continuous attempts of humankind to exploit its resources, the rampant increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, all induce for future itself to be questioned. But whose future?” 
    For Ciona, there surely is one; and they might even outlive humankind. Ciona intestinalis, a sea squirt that lives despite pollution and spreads through anthropogenic means, is a symbol of resistance to human exploitation of the sea.
    Due to their peculiar historical development, they teach us about the non-linearity of evolution and they force us to question anthropocentrism.

A/N: The choice of the pronoun “they” is based on the hermaphrodite sexuality of C. intestinalis and on the idea of depicting non-human beings in a non-binary way.

Realised with Eleonora Toniolo
For the Ocean Archive
UV print on cardboard, biotop paper, transparent acetate.

Design & Research