Design︎Material Research
Looking through an increasingly powerful magnifying glass at the intricate grain of Things, a constellation of people and places in near and far times unravels beneath the surface. Science and instinct mingle with geological conformations, the calluses of maker's hands, and the growing mountains of waste at the borders of cities.

In Presence of Your Absence is an assemblage composed by a translucent porcelain diffuser and industrial elements that invites one to look through the core of the project: a ceramic glaze made by recycling treated asbestos.

The design of the alchemical composition, driven by the desire to make in a regenerative way, is the heart of the object. The design aims to promote circular modes of production and support the research to counter the issues related to asbestos. The asbestos-cement, composing the 70% of the glaze, becomes inert through a low-temperature treatment, which in turn recycles chemical waste. 
The project is the result of a collaboration between the social designer and the Dutch research center Asbetter Holding.

Porcelain, glaze made of treated asbestos, reclaimed steel beam, LED, upcycled perspex tube. 60x60x20 cm.