Design︎Material Research
Wild native bees, together with bumblebees, contribute to the 60% of the pollination. Way more than honey bees. They are especially important for the biodiversity of the land. The more the biodiversity, the less is the risk of drought, due to the enhanced richness of the soil.
Made of soil, wasted agricoltural fibers and various local coatings, such as crushed sea or egg shells, or even damaged bricks, the adobe blocs feature shapes and colours especially studied to host and feed the wild native bees of the Landpark Assisïe, located in the Haaren Municipality (NL). They represent an architectural module for situated interspecies coexistence.
Material research developed together with Carla Alcalà Badias.

Mentoring by Studio Klarenbeek & Droos and Basse Stittgen.