Design︎Material Research
The project activates and adapts the ancient raw glazing technique, or “single-firing” process, that applies one firing instead of two or three, reducing the energetic impact of the production.
Raw glazing was a standard before Modernism. Bisque firing became the new standard due to the needs of mass production: easier to glaze and decorate for untrained workers, saving on skilled labour, and to transport within distant working facilities. 
Raw.obj challenges this tradional process by applying it on extremely thin 3D printed vessels. The aim is to manifest the applicability of the single-firing process and the importance of sharing the know-how to develop sustainable making approaches.
The single firing is particularly relevant for small scale design productions and unique artworks to reduce the energetic footprint of the manufacturing process, to perform in a more organic workflow, as well as to achieve diverse and unpredictable results.
Technical supervision: Marianne Peijnenburg
Supported by Rijksakademie of beeldende kunsten, the Gieskes-Strijbis Fund and Rabobank.