Quenched Asbestos

Design Academy Eindhoven

↑    Insufficient sleep–including insomnia, sleep apnea, and circadian sleep problems–is a modern-day health crisis, without precedent. Millions of sleep disorders go undiagnosed, because we don’t yet have widely available tools and resources to allow people to reliably and accurately monitor their sleep from the comfort of home. Still from film, 2020.
→    The diagram, as wide as a smartphone, ends to be stitched and compose a blanket. To sleep with morbid, comforting objects is suggested for people that suffer of insomnia.
↓   The raw data were tracked through an accelerometer and a microphone, the same sensors used by smartphones, connected to Arduino. The results were visualized on Mitlab as a graph corresponding to a PNG file of the woven diagram. Then, the PNG was uploaded on Weavepoint, the software used to send the diagram in the form of a pattern into the dobby loom.

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